"…to begin always anew, to make, to reconstruct, and to not spoil, to refuse to bureaucratize the mind, to understand and to live life as a process- live to become…"
Paulo Freire

The database
Expanding Horizons is an online database that maps European curricula, combining gender and ethnicity, in a variety of academic disciplines. Mainly the humanities and the social sciences are represented in the database. The primary function of Expanding Horizons is that professors, who want to consolidate or renew their education along intersectional lines, get information on what colleagues are doing in their courses. In addition, the database brings together gender and ethnicity expertise and may serve as a platform for them to exchange ideas and start innovating activities. Students, finally, can use Expanding Horizons to find intersectional courses at different universities. Of course, the database is also of interest to researchers and educational policy makers.

What kind of information can be found in the database?

In the past decade, there has been an increased momentum around thinking gender, ethnicity, "race", class, sexuality, nation and other axes of social and symbolic differentiation simultaneously. This momentum can be noted in European Women's Studies and other critical academic disciplines, but also in (inter)national policy circles. While the original impetus for intersectional theory came from the U.S., the challenge to think intersectionally was taken up in a variety of European settings. This is the first site where European academic curricula are brought together, which use a combined approach to gender and ethnicity.

Is your course information not yet included in the Expanding Horizons database? You can participate by filling in a questionnaire on each of your courses. Per course this will take approximately 15 minutes. The questionnaire can be found here.

Expanding Hoizons was undertaken as a joint project by GEM; the Expertise Centre for Gender, Ethnicity and Multiculturality in education located at Utrecht University, and by the IIAV, the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement, both in the Netherlands.

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