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If your organization is not in the Mapping the World database, please fill out the registration form now. Answer all questions as clearly as possible and make sure the information you provide is complete. You can also use this form to change your data in the database.

Resources in your information center become available to a much larger group of people. The only cost to you is the time it takes to fill out the form.
If you have any questions regarding this registration form, please e-mail to [email protected]

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 Organisation name and address
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 Organization profile
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 archive  network
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 documentation centre  publisher
 government department  regional organization
 information broker  research centre
 information service  resource centre
 international organization  university department
 library  web site
 library department  women's centre
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 compiling bibliographies  ordering
 current awareness  photocopying
 document delivery  reading room
 interlibrary loan  referral service
 internet access  reference service
 lending  reproduction service
 literature research  selective dissemination of information
Please include information on the sort and size as well as details on any special collections.
Type of collection* Quantity
 audio materials
 digital collection
 dossiers on persons
 dossiers on subject
 grey literature - including reports, proceedings
 periodicals - including journals
 press cuttings
 reference journals
Name the most important languages in your collection.
Subject top ten*
Name the most important subject areas of your collection. It's not necessary to name exactly ten.
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Do you have a collection on the subject of women and water? yes no
Do you have a collection on women's human rights? yes no
Type of database Number of records
 current research
 curricula - including courses training programmes
Catalogue available on the Internet? yes no
System of indexing
For instance: UDC, Dewey, Thesaurus or own indexing system
 Publications and Activities
If your organization publishes a periodical and/or newsletter, please name it/them and the fequency of appearance here.
 advocacy  projects
 broadcasting  publishing
 consultancy  research
 exhibitions  symposia
 lectures  training

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