Organizing an E-conference

The IIAV has participated in organizing and hosting four e-conferences over the past four years: one conference focused on issues of combating violence against women, and the other three focused on issues related to gender mainstreaming in water management (see more information on this website).

These e-conferences have proved to be a powerful tool for bringing together discussion participants (e.g., academics, activists, NGOs, grassroots community groups, government officials, etc.) from around the globe to share information, to present case studies and research, and to discuss strategies for action to improve women’s lives in a host of different ways.

In order to preserve what we have learned and to avoid “re-inventing the wheel” in the future, we published the Organizing an E-Conference: A Guide. This Knowledge Sharing product provides an introduction to the concept of the e-conference and the types of situations in which such a conference is most useful. Further, this publication sets forth a guide to the major steps and phases for planning and executing an electronic conference.

The publication Organizing an E-Conference: A Guide is online available.

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