International partners

In projects the IIAV cooperates with several partners: in networks, in working groups and in collaborations with organizations worldwide.

A Higher Education Network of Women’s and Gender Studies Programs at universities, research institutes and documentation centers in Europe.

European Women’s Thesaurus Maintenance and Development Group
A group of 8 women’s libraries and documentation centers from 7 European countries.

European and North American Women Action 2000
8 regional information and advocacy alliances, representing hundreds of organizations in Europe and North America. More info on the website:

Global WomenAction 2000
A Steering Committee of 10 partners representing more than 40 information and advocacy alliances, covering all regions of the world. More info on the website:

Gender and Water Alliance
100 gender and water experts and organizations throughout the world.

Know How Community
Over 400 organisations and individuals working in women's information services or centers throughout the world. The Community meets "live" once every four years, and via internet and the mail between times.

KnowHow Conference Permanent Committee
11 representatives of information and documentation centers from all regions of the world.

and its 150 partner organizations that work to eradicate violence against women.

Hivos and the IIAV work closely on several projects

Women and Gender Unit and the Informatics Unit, Paris, France.

Women’s Information Network Europe; a network of approximately 20 women's libraries and information centers in Europe.

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