IIAV International News

IIAV International News is a newsletter produced by the IIAV's International Cooperation Department. Partners worldwide are invited to contribute articles. The English, French and Spanish versions of IIAV International News are available online on this web site. The English version is also available in PDF-format.

The latest edition of IIAV International News is:
IIAV International News Volume 5 - No.1 - May 2004 (English version)
IIAV International News Volume 5 - No.1 - May 2004 (English version, PDF format)
IIAV International News Volume 5 - No 1 - Mai 2004 (French version)
IIAV International News Volumen 5 - No. 1 - Mayo 2004 (Spanish version)

The IIAV wants to know what information you are interested in and how you want to be kept informed of our international activities. Therefore we request that you fill in the online questionnaire below (choose between the English, French or Spanish version). You'll be added to our mailing list. Thanks in advance!

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We hope you enjoy reading about our international activities and partner projects in IIAV International News. If you have copy for the next volume, please send it to: [email protected] .

For questions or more information please contact: [email protected]