International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement

The IIAV is the source, the intermediary and the supplier of information and documentation for all those who occupy themselves with the position of women, whether it concerns books, periodicals, data, addresses, archives, visual materials, current or historical, national or international.


Specialist queries can be answered directly thanks to the computer database facilities and the Women's Thesaurus.
In view of the rapidly growing amount of information on women and the fact that it is impossible to collect every piece of information which exists, the IIAV focus their collection policy for the coming years on the developments in, and contemporary theories on women's studies and on providing information about black, migrant and refugee women.

Most of the collections are available at the IIAV. Since the IIAV moved to the new premises in the former Gerardus Majella Church, the formation of the collection has been arranged conveniently and the climate-controlled storage facilities for the valuable archives and the older material have been greatly increased.

For questions or more information e-mail: [email protected]