Periodicals The IIAV publishes four periodicals: LOVER, magazine for feminism, culture and science (quarterly journal in dutch), The Women's Information in Archive, Library and Documentation Newsletter (three times a year in dutch), IIAV News (twice a year in dutch) and IIAV International News (twice a year in English).

One-off Publications
The publications of the IIAV offer an overview of developments in the field of emancipation and feminism. Most of the publications are in dutch. The IIAV also publishes bibliographies on much sought-after and current subjects (in dutch).

Subscribe & Order
You can subscribe to one of the periodicals or order the one-off publications by telephone (+31-20-6651318), in writing (Obiplein 4 / 1094 RB / Amsterdam / The Netherlands) or by e-mail [email protected] at the secretariat of the IIAV. You will then receive a pre-printed giro credit slip. Belgian subscribers receive a postal credit slip. The mailing costs to a foreign country have been excluded in the prices of the subscriptions to the periodicals and of the on-off publications. After your payment you will receive your subscription or the ordered publication(s).

For questions or more information e-mail: [email protected]