IIAV’s new inspiring film on women’s information

Is the Internet a useful instrument for Roma women in Eastern Europe to challenge taboo’s about sexuality? Can information on a cd-rom improve the economic position of semi-literate or illiterate women? Does the Internet enhance or limit opportunities for women worldwide? These are some of the questions at the heart of the film Password: Women.

Password: Women is a film about how communication and information tools like the Internet, (Internet-)radio and cd-roms can be put to work to advance the position of women. It is a film about the possibilities as well as the limitations of these new information tools.

A ‘virtual discussion’ between three women is the connective thread running through the film. Their ideas are illustrated with personal stories of extraordinary women from around the world: Uganda (East Africa), Costa Rica (Central America), and Macedonia (Central Europe). They all use the Internet, cd-rom, radio and e-mail to advance the position of women.

Password: Women is commissioned by the IIAV. The film premiered in the Netherlands on October 19th 2004 in Amsterdam. Password: Women is made with the financial support of: Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Department of the Co-ordination of Emancipation Policy, Hivos, Novib, Mama Cash and NCDO.

Password: Women is produced by The Kasander Film Company, the Netherlands ( A film made by: Anja van Oostrom (Producer), Rinske Bosch (Director), Nicole Batteké (Camera), Carla van der Meijs (Sound), Saskia Buren (Editor), Julia Grame (Graphic Design).

How to order
Password: Women (duration: 47’28”) is available in: VHS-PAL / VHS-NTSC / VHS-Secam. The film can be ordered with English / Espanol / Dutch subtitles. The price is € 15,00 including postage. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you want to order.

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