The Dutch Women's Thesaurus

The Dutch Women's Thesaurus has been constructed as a professional tool for students, researchers and librarians to describe and locate women's information in the collections of libraries, documentation centres and archives. It is a joint publication of the Anna Maria van Schuurman Centre, Graduate School for advanced women's studies at the University of Utrecht, and of the International Information Centre and Archives of the Women's Movement (IIAV) in Amsterdam.

The Dutch Women's Thesaurus is a standarized list of about 2400 semantically and generically related terms with detailed instructions for use. It can be seen as a reflection of developments within women's movements and women's studies. The Dutch Women's Thesaurus has been used since 1993.
For help or advice on the thesaurus terms to be used, please contact the IIAV: +31 20-6650820 or e-mail: [email protected]
A complete survey of thesaurus terms is only available in book form.
An English translation of the Women's Thesaurus is being prepared.

The Women's Thesaurus comprises seven parts:

List of the 20 subject groups:

For questions or more information please contact: [email protected]