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Aletta’s Today are women (or sometimes men) who are trying to make a difference in a special area, related to women/gender issues. Like Aletta Jacobs who was an advocate for women's rights.

Aletta Jacobs (1854 - 1929) was the first Dutch woman who obtained a university degree and the first woman doctor. In her work as a doctor she played an important role in changing attitudes about birth control. Dr. Aletta Jacobs has done much to improve the position of women, who had no right of vote in her time. As President of the Dutch Association for Woman's Suffrage (VVK), she was part of an international network.

Aletta Today Prize

The Aletta Today Prize is awarded every two years to a young woman with guts , who has done or reached something extraordinary. On 28 januari 2013 Shirin Musa won the prize.

At the Dutch part of the site you can read interviews with all the Aletta’s Today (only in Dutch).
Interviews with Aletta's Today

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