Digital Information Centre

The Digital Information centre consists of:


Over 85,000 titles of books, reports, documents, papers and reference books.

Over 23,000 titles of articles from Dutch and about 20 foreign magazines as from 1988.

Over 5,000 titles of 19th and 20th century women's magazines from The Netherlands and other countries.

Biographical files
This catalogue refers to the files with biographical information on over 7,400 women and reviews of mainly Dutch female authors.

Complete catalogue
Offers the possibility to search in books, articles, titles of periodicals and biographical material simultaneously

Bibliographical files
References to approximately 4,000 titles of books and articles that are not present in the IIAV collection.

Information on and abstracts of archives dating from 1870 to the present day, reflecting the character and history of the Dutch women's movement.

Information on unpublished egodocuments of 202 women: diaries, letters and memoirs.

Database Women's Archives
The Database Women's Archives - DAVA - contains information on archives which are kept in archives in the Netherlands and which are important for research on the position of women.

The Database Research Women's Studies gives an overview of current research in the field of the position of women and women's studies in the Netherlands.

Women's Information Services
Mapping the World of Women's Information Services is a database in which you can find information on over 350 women's information centres and libraries and archives from over 130 countries.

Websites On Women
Hyperlinks to and descriptions of websites with information on the position of women and on women's studies, national and international.

Curricula Gender & Ethnicity
An on line database, Expanding Horizons, which maps curricula combining gender and ethnicity in a variety of academic disciplines, related to Europe.

Women for Water
Information on over 40 projects of national and international women's organisations working together on water, sustainable development, poverty eradication and gender.

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