The archive, visual archive and library of the IIAV house countless historical treasures. In order to preserve this material under optimal conditions, these marvelous collections are, for the most part, stored in cool, dark vaults. Naturally, however, we want to share the riches that are part of the IIAV’s collection. Regular online links to thematic exhibits allow us to provide this access.


Sex and girls

Conversations with young people show that a certain type of sexual behavior is more often approved for boys than for girls. A girl with changing sex partners is quickly called whore or slut, whereas the same behavior in a boy is often considered cool. read on

Top 75 archival pieces

On 2 December 2010, the IAV-archive celebrated its 75th anniversary. During the 75 days preceding this date, every day a special item from the collection was showed on the website. This total of 75 pieces constitutes a digital exhibition showing 75 years of collecting women’s history. read on

Dolle Mina ('Mad Mina')

What is Dolle Mina?Dolle Mina was a left-wing radical feminist activist group, established in December 1969. Their aim was to improve women’s rights through playful and humorous protest demonstrations. read on

Special books from Atria’s historical collection

Atria has many special books in its historical collection. Because their condition is fragile, these books are preserved in a closed vault. Atria is not able to lend these books out, but it is possible to consult them during a visit to the library ... read on

Rosa Manus

In May 2003, archival materials that had been stolen from the IAV’s Keizersgracht in July 1940, were returned. The stolen material included the personal archive of Rosa Manus (1881-1943), one of the founders of the IAV in 1935 and a very active and internationally-oriented feminist and pacifist ... read on

Postage stamps from the international women's year

What is Vermeer's milkmaid doing on a stamp from Rwanda? About 250 stamps were printed worldwide in honour of International Women’s Year (1975). read on

The history of the collection of Atria

The goal was to build an archive and library to collect and preserve the heritage of women and also to encourage and publicize scholarly research. The collection began with a gift of 300 books from Rosa Manus, one of the founders of the International Archives for the Women’s Movement ... read on

Stolen archives returned to Aletta after 63 years

During the Second World War, German occupation forces stole a substantial amount of material from Dutch museums, archives and private collections and took it back to Germany ... read on

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