Consultancy and advice

Atria has ample expertise in the field of gender equality, gender and diversity, labour, care and income, and genderbased violence. We are happy to apply this knowledge to advise and support ministries, local councils, provinces, regions, NGO’s and companies with regards to their policy making and policy implementation.

Rapporten Atria
Our advice is content- and process focused and will supply you with the latest and most relevant information as well as applicable recommendations and tools.

Besides formal and informal advice, we also offer general support such as: brainstorming, participation in expert groups, support of project groups and responses tot (policy) memoranda and reports or consultations by phone.


Atria offers a wide variety of training, workshops, expert meetings and educational material in the field of emancipation, security, gender and diversity, and labour, care and income for policy makers, professionals and volunteers. Atria has both the expertise, the facts and figures on topical social developments, as well as a lively network. Content, duration and location of our trainings can be customised to your wishes.


Atria believes in the strength of networking. Sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences can help policy makers, professionals and volunteers with their work. Atria wants to connect various groups and, by doing so, contribute to a deepening of the social and political debate. In addition, Atria wants to be an intermediar and encourage social participation of all groups.

Atria has ample experience in organising meetings of all kinds and has access to a diverse and lively network spread over all groups in society. We will gladly look into your wishes to optimise your meeting.

Our discussions are focused on encouraging and accelerating the social and political debate on our themes. Our expert meetings and knowledge studios are primarily focused on knowledge development. Our networking meetings offer a platform for networking and exchanging experiences.

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