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Atria collects since 1935 archives from individual women and women's organisations. The beginning of the collection were 300 books from Rosa Manus, one of the founders of the International Archives for the Women’s Movement. A year later she donated the archive of Aletta Jacobs. The collection is still called International Archives for the Women’s Movement.


Since 1870

Atria holds over 700 archives, ranging in size from a single sheet of paper to a 130 boxes. They include the papers of individuals, together with records of private organisations, forming a documentary story of women’s movements and feminisms in the Netherlands.

The material in the collection is divers, encompassing letters, dairies, notebooks, music manuscripts, transcripts of speeches, drafts of books and articles, scrapbooks, photographs, works of art, meeting papers, logbooks, maps and more.

The archival collection relates predominantly the Netherlands. The collection is strongest from the 1870s onwards, reflecting the beginnings and development of the Dutch women’s movements.

Viewing archive materials

Archive materials and ego documents can only be viewed on site at the library. You can request photocopies of archive pieces, but photocopies can only be made if the condition of the piece allows it. If you would like to view archive materials or make other special arrangements, please contact Atria’s archivist.
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