Academic study and research

Atria encourages and advances academic (historic) research about women and gender issues and opens its archives and collections up to academic researchers. We pay special attention to the areas emancipation, safety, gender and diversity, and labor, care and income.

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A center for study

Atria is a resource for academic study and research in the disciplines of women’s and gender studies.

Examples of academic projects

  • Research preventing violence

    Integrated initiative for preventing violence, abuse and discrimination against migrant adolescent girls and young women in Europe, a DAPHNE III-project.
  • Oral History

    Atria wants to collect and preserve women’s oral history in digital form. To this end, Atria is developing a fully searchable online digital video archive
    Searching in the interviews (only in Dutch)
  • Texts from the feminist movements of the second part of the 20th Century

    European women’s libraries and scholars from all over Europe have been working together on the FRAGEN project which aims to collect the most relevant texts from the feminist movements of the second part of the 20th Century.

Academic activities en academic scholarly

Atria regularly facilitates meetings and seminars for academics who want to share their knowledge. Monthly we organize Kitchen Table Seminars where academics speak informally about their projects or research. Keep an eye on our agenda.

Research supported by Atria

Atria’s archives and collections are ideally suited for use by scholars who are studying women’s history en women´s studies or the women’s movement, or who are conducting other research from a gender perspective. Are you interested in becoming affiliated with Atria as a scholar or researcher, or are you interested in an internship? Contact us
[email protected]

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