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Our library, archives, catalogues, databases and extensive expertise allow us to answer most questions about women’s history and the position of women in society.
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Borrowing books

Books (including theses, white papers, and reports) that were published after 1950 can be borrowed.
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Ordering photocopies

You can order photocopies of articles from magazines or the clippings collection, or copies of sheet music or other archival material (if the condition of the material permits).
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Using archival material

Archival material and ego documents can only be used on site at Atria. If the condition of the material permits, you can request photocopies of archival documents.
More information about Atria’s archives

Viewing and ordering visual material

Most visual material can be viewed on the website and ordered online. If you are interested in viewing the actual visual documents in person, please make an appointment with Atria’s image archivist.
More information about the image archive

Borrowing material for exhibitions

Archival documents and visual and other materials that are not normally lent out may be borrowed for exhibitions. For more information about the conditions and terms that apply to borrowing these types of materials, please contact our archivist.

Reading rooms and tours

Do you need a place to read or review library or archival materials in peace? Our library provides a quiet workspace.
Atria also provides tours of our building and collections for groups of students, researchers and other visitors.

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