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Atria has a collection of sheet music from more than 390 female composers, as well as CDs of the music being performed. The collection originally belonged to the Dutch Foundation for Women in Music. The scores and CDs were transferred to the institute in 2005.

Finding music and scores

If you would like to restrict your search to music and scores, you can use the search option above. You can search for music using the name of the composition, an instrument, etc. Or use the tab: composers. However, the results will be in Dutch, since we haven't translated all of our databases yet.

Viewing and listening

The scores and CDs are available for viewing and listening on site at the library. Photocopies of sheet music can be ordered but please keep in mind that copyright restrictions may apply.
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More information on women in music

At Atria you will also find books, articles, archives, photographs, and biographical information related to women in music. You can search the full range of Atria’s collections using the integrated search engine.
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