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Journals, diaries and letters often provide unique perspectives on history. Atria owns many of these ego documents written by women. Examples include a journal from a woman in a World War II internment camp, the diary of a baker’s wife written between 1892 and 1898 in Friesland and the journal of the director of a theater school in 1899.


Diaries and letters defined

Ego documents is a term used by historians to describe materials written in the first person singular. These can include journals, diaries, autobiographies, letters, etc. This website refers to them as diaries and letters.

Viewing diaries and letters

If you would like to view diaries or letters at Atria, please contact the archivist at Atria for an appointment.

Donating Diaries and letters

Have you inherited a journal or diary from a female family member? These are treasures that Atria would like to preserve.
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