Borrowing and photocopying

Borrowing books

All books, theses, white papers and reports published after 1950, can be borrowed. You may borrow up to 5 books for a period of 4 weeks. Books can be picked up at Atria’s information desk, but we can also send them to you by post. Books can only be sent abroad via International Interlibrary Loan.
What are the charges for borrowing and sending material?

Library membership

You must be a member of the library in order to borrow books. You can become a member of the library by visiting our information desk (be sure to bring proper proof of identity), or you can fill in this form.
Library membership costs

Renewing books

You can renew a book that you have borrowed by telephone or by e-mail (please make sure to include your name and library membership number). You can renew books that you have borrowed up for a period of four weeks, and you can renew the same book up to five times, provided that the books have not been reserved by someone else. Send an email:
[email protected]

Ordering photocopies

You can request photocopies of articles from magazines or from the clippings collection or photocopies of sheet music or other archival documents (if their condition permits). You will need the identifying information for the article or sheet music; you can find these on the website. To copy archival material, please contact our archivist.
Prices for photocopying

Access code for the Gerritsen collection

Access to the Gerritsen is free if you have a “plus” library membership.
What is the Gerritsen collection?
Price for “plus” membership

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