Policy oriented research

Atria has served numerous clients with its research. Policy makers from ministries, local councils and other governmental institutes, politicians, corporations and NGO’s can ask us to carry out policy-focused research into social trends, specific socio-economic issues or to investigate policies and policy effects.

We offer our clients profound expertise, experience and a lively network in the field of emancipation, security, gender and diversity, and labour, care and income.


Atria conducts research for ministries, local councils, NGO's and corporations.

Working method

In order to meet your specific study requirements, we will use either quantitative methods (e.g. web based or written surveys and secondary analyses of existing data) or qualitative methods (e.g. interviews and group conversations), or both.
We will monitor the influence gender and ethnicity might have and execute, where possible, an intersectional analysis, to ensure the representation of subgroups.
Since we have our own research team as well as a policy advising team, we are able to add recommendations to our study results.


For more information about research possibilities or participation in one of our inquiries, please contact one of our researchers.
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