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The extensive library collection provides a comprehensive picture of women and their position in society both today and in past centuries.



The library collection consists of more than 92,000 books, brochures and reports. In the library, you will find biographies and autobiographies, results of academic studies, pamphlets, reference works, CDs, and gray literature such as theses, annual reports, and women’s calendars. Most publications are in Dutch or English. In more recent years, increasing numbers of publications are being acquired digitally, these can be accessed directly online.

Women’s Resources International

Are you looking for more recent literature? Then you might also search the Women’s Resources International CD. It contains more than 400,000 titles of books and articles from international women’s studies periodicals, biographies and databases. The CD contains titles from dating back to 1972 and is updated every six months. The CD can be found in the reading room at Atria.
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